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Tyrix Henry
Tyrix Lin Henry
Birth Name:
Fate: Space Wizard Gender: Male
An Occultist who dedicates his life to solving the problems of others.
House: Class: Sorcerer, summoner, Exorcist
Hair: Neck-length, black, drooping over his eyes in straight bangs.
Eyes: Pale gray-blue
Height: Tall
Build: Lanky, almost womanly
attuned to Fate, Order and the Void
Elemental: Water
bound to Intelligence and Heaven
Profile: A sorcerer in a time when science has seemingly obliterated Magic. He wears a wry disposition, carefully developed over many dealings with disbelievers. Yet his nonchalant attitude and lack of respect for society hide an earnest desire to help people, and he finds many chances in a future that is still haunted by Demons even as it denies them.

Description: Cool, almost dainty in the way he saunters around, leaning on objects, stroking his long hair, making flippant gestures. A half-smile masks his true feelings.

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Motivation: His goal is to help people. His motivation is driven perhaps from his feelings of hopelessness, fear, and loneliness as a child living in a poorly-run and underfunded orphanage. He wants to lift others up as he was lifted up by magic; he also wants to find catharsis for that deeply hidden neurosis, that struggle for identity, meaning and usefulness that he has suffered since he was old enough to realize his parents had abandoned him and the world did not need him.

Personality: Wry, cool, laconical to the point of appearing apathetic. But that's just his physical energy and his lack of respect for society. Also a defense mechanism against a world who takes its scorn of him too seriously. In truth, he wants to work towards his moral idea of what is right--helping those only he can help. The combination

Beliefs: Tyrix believes in Gods and spirits as real beings, having dealt with them many times as a wizard. However, he sometimes treats them lightly as well, thinking of them as simply more powerful, pure people. He feels that the rules of society are tiresome and that the only rule should be to take care of others and take care of yourself.

Fears: Tyrix has a deep-seated fear of being completely alone, of being useless, of reliving, in essence, his childhood days. He also does not enjoy being mocked, especially for his Occultist practices, and even moreso when he is trying to help someone. He also has a more practical fear of the wrong people finding out he is an Occultist and persecuting him. so he takes care not to disclose that information except to his clients, and then only after he feels he can trust them.

Dreams: Tyrix lives from day to day, and doesn't think of the future and dreams. He would like to get married one day but is too concerned with his work to pursue it.

Self Image: Tyrix takes himself about as seriously as he takes everyone else. He has never been respected by anyone except for a few of his fellow wizards, so he has a problem with self-esteem, but once he gets into his adult years and deals with spirits he becomes a little stronger as they show him the path to solidarity.

Childhood: Abandoned by parents he never knew in a poor orphanage on a space station hovering around a moon used mostly for mining. The proprietors saw taking care of the children as more of a mandatory task than a divine calling, and the lack of funding meant there was never enough attention or fun for the kids. Tyrix learned early not to complain and to keep to himself. He lacked father figures in the orphanage which is why he grew up acting kind of like Lily, a bratty "older sister" figure who began working there when he was 10, the only person in the orphanage he ever really liked.

Adolescence: Determined to get out of the orphanage, he got an internship at a mining company at fourteen and eventually taught himself to operate the mining scanners, which he was then put in charge of at nearby site. He stayed there until he was twenty. The longer he stayed the more he felt he needed more out of life, until one day he was scouted by someone from the Aeyr Academy...

Passions: He has a true passion for Magic, and considers it an art form. While he is earnest about helping others he does not appear "passionate" about it--with Tyrix, sometimes it's hard to tell.

Society: He enjoys working with his clients and his peers as long as they don't cause trouble, but he's not much for parties, social gatherings, talking without a purpose. In his free time he mostly listens to music, studies Magic and history.

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Talents: Perhaps because of his detachment from the world and from himself, Tyrix is talented at dealing with spirits from the otherworld. As an Occultist he is primarily a summoner/exorcist who uses the powers of his guardian spirits to cleanse evil presences.

Education: A little education in the orphanage. Mostly self-taught. Until he joins Aeyr Academy, where he receives a college-style education in the Arcane Arts and majors in summoning.