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Laise Locault
Laise Mary Locault
Birth Name:
Fate: Victim of the Vendetta Gender: Female
A nurse that Medicine cannot save.
House: Class: Nurse
Registered Nurse
Hair: Brown. Neck length. she likes putting it into a double helix in the back when off duty.
Eyes: Bright green
Height: Short
Build: Slender
attuned to Soul, Order and the Aethyr
Elemental: Fire
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: Laise is a hardworking and dedicated registered nurse who sees her job as a way to pay back society for the many gifts it has given her. From a well-to-do family, with many rich kin, she is financially aided by her father and lives in a ritzy house in the good part of town. she has always had a love for science and looks down on people who take things on faith. she particularly dislikes those who try to trick or coerce others into believing things through fear and ignorance. Her father's first child, to a wife he was very fond of who died of disease. Her brother, Anxe is the child of his second wife, who he divorced. Anxe has always felt jealous of her and was mean to her, and she never understood why. This continues in a veiled form even into adulthood.

Description: Pretty and fit.

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Motivation: Laise's motivation is to do something good with her life and use her skills to benefit society. she is a talented nurse and enjoys the response she gets from both patients and staff when she does a good job. Her nursing job becomes her life and her reason for living.

Personality: Laise is very pragmatic and concentrates on getting the job done quickly and well. she doesn't have time for second-guessing herself or for the opinions of others. This no-nonsense personality, in part natural and in part developed during her college education and nursing career, permeates all facets of her dealings with other people even when she is on her own time.

Beliefs: Laise has no patience for religion or mysticism. she believes in what she can see and what science can measure. Her morals are based on practical results, the definite consequences of your actions.

Fears: Fears losing her purpose, losing her patients, losing the respect of her peers, losing the admiration and support of her family. she is also a little afraid of her brother, who teased her constantly for reasons she didn't understand when they were younger, and harbors resentment towards her still.

Dreams: She lives in the present moment, has no time for a husband and no plans to become a doctor or move out of her current position. she is happy where she is and doesn't daydream about possibilities.

Self Image: Laise sees herself realistically as a hardworking, successful, down-to-earth woman. But she also has the arrogance of her breeding in her personality and sometimes thinks of people in lower classes as distinct and less than her because of the way they handle themselves without class.

Childhood: Raised lovingly by her parents and extended family. Life was great until her mother died of sickness when she was five. The blow left her heartbroken, but she managed to keep herself together. When her father remarried, bringing a son into the family, he (Anxe) became her brother. sometimes Anxe would play with her cheerfully and take care of her. At other times he would tease her, insult her or hit her out of jealousy for her place in the family and her father's love, a thing he felt (somewhat rightly) he was denied. This led to her feelings about her brother being confused and fearful.

Adolescence: Laise decides she will be a nurse to honor her mother's memory and help others. she applies herself in school, graduating at the top of her class, then enrolls in medical college and becomes a nurse. she has a few boyfriends, but never has time or energy to take them seriously. Anxe continues to dote on her occasionally while still harboring an increasingly hidden resentment towards her and the rest of her family.

Passions: Laise has a passion for helping people. she also enjoys flowers and will often bring them to her patients' rooms for no reason.

Society: Laise is popular when she takes the time to talk to others, but doesn't have a lot of that time to give. Most of her free time is spent recharging from the long hours and stress of her job.

Quirks: The double-helix pattern of her hair, which is held in place by a field-generating hairpin.