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Anxe Maran
Anxe Dyce Maran
Birth Name:
Fate: Waster of Envy Gender: Male
A man who succumbs to jealousy against his better nature.
House: Class: Accountant
Hair: Short, brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: Tall
Build: Slightly muscled
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
bound to Nature and Earth
Profile: A man whose childhood comes to define him. His unequal love for a father lost to divorce, who subsequently left his family for good, shatters his spirit early. When his mother remarries, he finds himself disliking his arrogant and too-classy father, all the while envious of the attentions he gives to his daughter, Laise. As Laise, the prettier, smarter, and more well-mannered of the two, becomes the favorite of Anxe's mother as well, Anxe is overcome with jealousy and begins to take it out on his new sister and his family, causing them to distance themselves from him even more. As he grows into a teenager he finds himself so far gone into loneliness that he ends up relying on Laise's stronger nature to support him even as he continues to lash out at her in moments of weakness. still, he finds himself growing fond of her and begins to take care of her.


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Motivation: Anxe's motivation is to fit in, to find the support that he has been lacking ever since his father left. At times the pain he feels causes him to act against that motivation; then he finds himself back-tracking to try to regain the dignity he has lost.

Personality: A bit petty and mean-spirited, but he can be kind when his temper cools.

Beliefs: He is an atheist, ever since his father left he had trouble believing in a God, and indeed thinks of the popular God in a way similar to his father, imagining that God left the world to its own devices out of resignation and apathy.

Fears: Being alone and abandoned. Being hurt.

Dreams: He wants to get married but his dating life is in shambles as he is too clingy and serious to get along with women well.

Self Image: Anxe has issues with self-esteem, some out of a realization of his weakness, some from the way others treat him (or don't treat him.)

Childhood: Covered above.

Adolescence: Covered above.

Passions: Anxe enjoys games of laserball and is a decent Targeter. He prefers watching and commentating over playing. He also has an affinity for numbers and statistics, which is why he became an accountant working for his adopted father's business in a minor supporting role (also in a failed bid for more attention and respect.)

Society: Anxe has a few friends that he watches laserball games with, and friends from work, but not many and good enough to ease his pain significantly. More of a distraction than a solace.

Quirks: Scratches his head a lot. Perhaps it was a motion learned from his birth father.

Loves: He is fond of women although most are not fond of him. He enjoys numbers and math as it gives him a security that the changeable world lacks.

Likes: Science and technology, especially spacecraft.

Dislikes: Successful, happy people.

Hates: His own weakness. Loneliness. His feelings of insecurity