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Sera Blackrain
Sera Blackrain
Birth Name: Rainchild
Fate: The Black Rain Gender: Female
A lonely girl, bound by fate; she must suffer to save those she loves. Her worst fear--is her destiny.
House: Class: Dark sorceress
Second Leieness of Rain; The Black Rain; Arbiter of Fate; Blessed of Kythos
Hair: Medium-long black
Eyes: Dark blue
Height: 6'1
Build: 150 pounds
Arbiter of Fate, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Water
delimited by Intelligence and Heaven
Profile: Sera is both strong and weak. stronger than she knows, but also susceptible to self-hatred and depression. she is very sensitive about those she cares about, and wants them to love her very much. she doesn't let many people in, but when she does she becomes very close to them. she is forgiving, but also stern, and proud. Her pride and independence war with her need throughout her life as she struggles to find her place.

Description: Growing up she appeared awkward, unkempt, since she lived only for herself and her family. Later, as she matures, she learns to takes care of herself and becomes more beautiful.

Stories in...


Month: 1 Year: 3148 Era: Celes Era
Location: Leieholt of Rain


Month: 3 Year: 3178 Era: 5
Location: Senate Chamber
Mother: Filicia Rainsgard
Profile: A queen racked by loss, who bears her burdens alone. She must cast away one she holds dear.'
Relationship: Sera has always had a love-hate relationship with her mother. she wants her mother to be there, but she never is; when her mother is there, it seems like she comes down on sera, passing judgment, wanting her to be more like Miranda.

Father: Kirkegaarn Lyenas
Profile: A warrior-king who fell in love and became a sacrifice of fate.
Relationship: Sera's father died the night she was born, but he was always there for her in the tales her mother would tell, a ghostly what-if presence. she always wonders what he would think of her, how he would treat her, if he would spend more time with her than her mother, and what life would be like if he was there for her mother and sister. she also feels guilty because she has always felt responsible for his death since she was little.

Sibling: Miranda Rainsong
Profile: A princess whose heart shines as bright as her beauty. Her dedication to her kingdom puts her in mortal danger.
Family Relations: They fought at first when they were very little, but that actually brought them closer after they made up, and they were very close, telling each other all their secrets. That is why it broke sera's heart--and Miranda's--when Miranda felt forced to tell her mother about sera's Magic. Neither of them could bear life separated from the other, and their reunion is something that greatly healed both of their hearts, something they never thought would happen. sera is also jealous of Miranda's beauty, but really only of the attention it gets her, and it's not hate for Miranda, but hate for herself, that she really feels.

Motivation: Sera, a very instinctive and willful girl, wants to do her own thing, even when she's not really sure what that is. she struggles to hold on to her core while making her way through the world, surviving as best she can, trying to make it as good as she can. At times she is very inspired to make a change; at others she is very depressed, and feels that it is all pointless. But she always keeps moving forward, and eventually she finds out where her travels were meant to take her.

Personality: Sera is naturally very quiet, more out of conservation of conversation than shyness. she is friendly to those she likes, but shuts off strangers and those she dislikes. she holds a grudge, realizing the futility of it, but unable to let go of the pain. she is stubborn; she is also filled with a propensity for self-hatred and self-pity, which she must overcome in order to find her real self.

Beliefs: She is never sure if she believes in the Gods, or, if they care about her at all. she longs to know what it all means and what her point is in the world. she wants to know if the world is random chance or if her suffering is for a reason.

Fears: Not being good enough; being rejected; not being loved; getting hurt; being used; getting killed; being twisted into someone she's not, or forced to do something she doesn't want to do; becoming weak

Dreams: Finding a place in the world or in herself where she can be at peace, be happy. A place like the Gardens of Rain, in her mind. Regaining what she has lost.

Self Image: Sera is very critical of herself, her looks, what she says and how she acts, her effects on others, her Magic, everything. It is born both out of pride, and out of a feeling that she must make her life meaningful, be worthy, since her father died for her, and after all the things she has done to hurt people.

Childhood: Her mother cared for her the best she could, and when she wasn't with her, sera was taken care of by the maidservant Aines. she played alone due to the stigma of the Dark Moon, but, was always peaceful and relaxed since she was too innocent to know better. After her fight with Miranda she wakens to reality but makes a new friend as well.

Adolescence: Adolescence wakens her to the world, and she finds that she doesn't belong and isn't really needed. she can be happy with her sister, but is lonely for her mother, for other friends that she cannot have, for boys, and for the world outside she can't know. she is very smart and studies hard with Nuentin when she can. she starts to come into herself with more strength and independence once she learns Magic and claims it as her birthright.

Passions: Learning, the spirit, Magic, family, peace, flowers and nature

Society: She is excluded from society from a very young age, and never feels part of a group in her life, outside of her family. she has a sense of superiority about its follies while also longing to be included. This is really shown when she joins the Cult; she hates it, but wishes she could be accepted by the others just to be good enough for them.

Quirks: Quiet, sometimes nervous, fiercely independent, but weak; never sure what she wants.

Loves: Her family, being at peace, Magic when it leads to inspiration, Nuentin, taking care of herself

Likes: Plays, old stories, mythology, romance/love

Dislikes: Being bothered by strangers, feeling uncomfortable, the rules of court

Hates: Being told what to be or what to do, especially by those she does not respect. Being alone when it leads to sadness. Herself when she is weak.

Strengths: Independence, pride, strong headedness, intelligence, depth and a sense of compassion, a connection to the spirit world, loyalty

Weaknesses: Being too independent to be healed by others, shutting herself off from the world, self-hatred, self-loathing and doubt, a propensity for gloom and depression

Talents: Magic, language, understanding people and herself even when she feels she does not

Education: Her mother taught her some things, but most of her education came from the royal tutor, and, later, Nuentin. she taught herself a lot by reading from the royal library as well.