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Roger Pherell
Roger (Wyvern) Pherell
Birth Name:
Fate: Troubled Rocker Gender: Male
A man whose songs of his own troubles cannot save him.
House: Class: Indie Rock star
Hair: long,sharp-gelled bangs, black hair with blond streaks. his signature.
Eyes: orange-brown.
Height: 5'8
Build: fit but not brawny (kind of male clothes model fit)
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
bound to Nature and Earth
Profile: An indie rocker who has a lifelong battle between success, privacy, sort-of-fame, wanting real fame, wanting to be left alone, wanting to have money and wanting to have more musical freedom. He also has a drug habit but it's a weird drug he can only get from this native tribe that grows a special kind of plant, and it's expensive. It gives him out of body type experiences that he feels gives him understanding and clarity. Plays guitar and sings. In a sort-of-famous indie band in his youth, solo singer-songwriter in his older years. Has a lot of problems with his fan base that want him to go back to the band. But he is tired of that music and thinks it's juvenile.


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Motivation: His motivation when younger was to travel and see the world and he found that his music, which he originally didn't try very hard with, was popular enough to use as a stepping stool for that. As he got older and more experienced he started getting into more music he actually liked, however it was different from the grungy indie-punk he started out with, and the farther he went into himself to find this new music in himself, the more the public and his fans hated him.

Personality: Very moody and easily irritable, but he likes to have fun when the vibes and the crowd are good. He has always felt there was something missing he couldn't find, which he tries to fill with the "mescalito", however the closest he gets to what he wants is the journey to find his own music.

Beliefs: He believes in reincarnation but it's not a big deal to him. He picked up some beliefs from the mescalito tribe he hangs with occasionally that give him his drugs.

Fears: Dying without finding the thing he is looking for. He is also sensitive and easily hurt which is why people's bad opinion of his soul-searching really affects him even though he tries not to show it or even feel it.

Dreams: an unspeakable, unknowable something that lies just out of reach of his ideas. but he knows it is there.

Self Image: sees himself as a curious failure. but also kind of a mystic visionary.

Childhood: learned guitar from alcoholic father. mother left for a woman. made fun of a lot in school, he looked weird and acted weirder.

Adolescence: father died in DUI. moved in with an aunt who barely acknowledged his existence and enjoyed keeping the house dark. starting to get good at guitar, but has no plans for it and mostly plays it in his room out of boredom and loneliness. in the later years of high school, joins jazz band, gets picked up by a rock band because he is good, he ends up being the singer after the real singer quits, but he is better anyway. 3 or 4 bands later, he hits it "big" on the indie scene, though he is never played on the radio. after hitting it big he used the money and touring to travel and get the Hell away from his home town and his aunt

Passions: he doesnt care so much about playing guitar or even singing, or music really. it's just a vehicle for his searching and feelings and he doesn't care about it as an art. the people he respect just have the most feeling and mood in their music.

Society: he's hard to understand and doesn't get along with people





Hates: criticism, people who judge him, people who misunderstand him (damn near everyone)

Strengths: some resilience and some real talent

Weaknesses: aimlessness and a victim complex