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Arik Silasti
Arik Larion Silasti
Birth Name: Silasti
Fate: The Man Who Loved the Black Rain Gender: Male
A man torn between his dreams and the truth. He aims to be that which he can never be.
House: Class: Relic Hunter
Senior Member of the Fifth House of Kythos
Hair: Long, black
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: 6'3
Build: Sturdy, rippling with muscles
aligned to Fate, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: A complex man, at times searching for his place in the world with secret inner desperation, at other times completely against it, wanting to distance himself from it. It is this war within himself that manifests as his frequent shifts between sun and storm. He is easily hurt and finds it hard to forgive.

Description: Very muscled. Enjoys wearing robes and jewelry that look vaguely intimidating, or that make him look important or rich (preferably all three.)

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Relationship: Arik's father and mother were high-standing members of the noble class of Erin that ruled over the merchant class. They were always striving to get higher up the ladder, and, while Marek was talented at the social graces, Arik always hated the falseness of it. Milah was a beautiful, fragile woman, and Arion sometimes took out his anger on her. Arik wanted to stop him but could not. Marek always said she had it coming. The family was always up in arms about something due to the stress of their ambition, and they all took out their resentment on Arik. Arion was hot, Milah was cold, and Marek was gray, apathetically cruel.

Relationship: Arik always wanted to make his father proud of him, not because he loved him, but because his father loved his brother Marek more than him. Arik never got the attention he wanted from either of his parents--when he did get noticed, it was with insults, as they took out their frustrations on him.

Family Relations: A mean boy who was always placed higher in their parents' eyes because he was the firstborn, and because he liked to play the nobles' social game.

Motivation: Arik has a secret need to prove himself. However his time in the Cult has worn down his good side and he succumbs to apathy more often than not. After falling in love with Miranda, she was his only goal--he in her what he was not, and wanted to have her, to be like her. When he was forced to leave her, he almost succumbed to his apathy again, but met sera and grasped for her like a drowning man reaches for a raft. He wants to prove himself to sera, but, can't take himself as seriously since he has already lost Miranda, so he fights himself and takes out his agony on her.

Personality: Arik is needy, but wants to be cool, tough, and hard--like a 'good' version of his brother and father. He is more intelligent than most people give him credit for, including himself. His defining aspect is pride, a hurt pride that refuses to die in spite of what has happened to him, and a sort of loathing for everything that is real.

Beliefs: Arik wants to believe in the Gods and has a strange sort of faith in them, but would never openly profess a confidence in them. He sees Kythos as a metaphor, when he does not see her as an actual force or being.

Fears: Arik's worst fear is to be left alone. He needs to be accepted, and approved of. Insults really get to them, although he cannot allow himself to show that due to his pride.

Dreams: Finding something really good that will get him lifelong approval from the cult. Finding a woman he loves that will love him.

Self Image: Arik spends a lot of his free time working out, and secretly loves himself, his looks, his hair and his muscles. His emptinesss makes him insecure and he wonders what everyone thinks of him.

Childhood: Arik was doted on by his mother until he grew up to about 7 or 8 years old and began to show his personality. His father never cared much for him, spending most of his time pruning Marek to be his heir. Arik didn't have a lot of friends because the noble parents didn't like his manners and didn't want their children to pick it up.

Adolescence: Arik grew tired of his family and left as soon as he could, at the age of 15. He took various jobs in different cities, usually as some sort of hired arm. After jumping on a ship to Rain, he was recruited by the Cult of Kythos after fighting off some bandits that attacked their caravan. This was shortly after Rollos died and Titherion became head of the Cult. she thought he would be useful and saw herself in him, so she took him in, but they soon grew to dislike each other as their egos clashed. However, Arik was too good to kick out of the Cult, and they both knew it, so he has worked with them ever since.

Passions: Arik likes to sing and has a decent voice. It makes him feel better about himself because it is really honest. He likes traveling as well, and finding things, mostly for the hunt itself. He loves women although he is unable to have real relationships with them due to his personality issues.

Society: Arik always wanted to have friends and to be liked, but hated the stiff-backed aristocracy of his parents. The Cult was the perfect place for him--until his ego started rubbing against everyone else's, and he became disassociated with them. serena was his best friend and traveling mate until she fell in love with him. Charlotte is his best friend now.

Quirks: Slightly neurotic, likes to mess with his hair and works out more than he really should

Loves: Traveling, especially to new places, the excitement of searching for and finding things, women

Likes: Singing, rich clothes, his sword, himself

Dislikes: Being bored, especially with people; people who are higher up on the social ladder than himself

Hates: Being ostracized or insulted or rejected, people who don't like music or his singing, people who think they are better than him or act stiff-backed, being alone (without those he wants to be with)

Strengths: Physical power, pride, a keen intellect, and some magical power

Weaknesses: Lack of real love for himself and others, desperation for people to care about him, self-centeredness

Talents: Great with navigation and deduction, pretty good at reading the language of the First Children, pretty good at singing, but would be better if he tried harder at it

Education: Nobleman's school, but he never took it seriously as he was bored. Reads a lot about the First Children and Magic though, both for interest and to prove himself useful/good