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Miranda Rainsong
Miranda Rainsong
Birth Name: Rainchild
Fate: Queen of Rain Gender: Female
A princess whose heart shines as bright as her beauty. Her dedication to her kingdom puts her in mortal danger.
House: Class: Royalty
First Leieness of Rain; then Leies of Rain.
Hair: Long, light blond (Father's side)
Eyes: Light green (Father's side)
Height: Tall
Build: Thin, with a good figure
aligned with Fate, Order and the Aethyr
Elemental: Earth
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: A beautiful girl who is more mature than her age, because she follows after her mother. Works hard to learn everything she will need to be the Queen of Rain, and also works on herself as a person for the same reason. But she finds herself needing a place in her heart to rest, and she finds that place in sera. Miranda's love for Arik is her one mistake.

Description: Pretty, thin, well-dressed, and with a good figure, she is the envy of every man and woman in the castle. she walks with grace, smiles freely, and keeps her head held high--in noted contrast to her sister. It is easy to fall in love with her just by walking past her.

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Mother: Filicia Rainsgard
Profile: A queen racked by loss, who bears her burdens alone. She must cast away one she holds dear.'
Relationship: Miranda looks up to her mother and respects her very much. Whereas sera feels lonely because her mother doesn't spend time with her, Miranda actively seeks to help her mother in her duties, so she doesn't feel that way. Filicia also spends more time with Miranda than sera, because she is preparing Miranda for the throne, whereas sera is more of a backup. Though Miranda is praised daily by everyone in the castle, those praises mean little to her. The one person she wants to be praised by the most is her mother.

Father: Kirkegaarn Lyenas
Profile: A warrior-king who fell in love and became a sacrifice of fate.
Relationship: Miranda always wonders what her father would have been like. spending more time around her mother, she gets a better feel for him than sera; while Filicia doesn't like to spend too much time talking about him, she will often mention him when something reminds her of him. Miranda isn't as hung up on the absence of her father as sera is; she is stronger, more social, and gets along better with her mother, so she's not as lonely.

Sibling: Sera Blackrain
Profile: A lonely girl, bound by fate; she must suffer to save those she loves. Her worst fear--is her destiny.
Family Relations: Miranda's best friend. Though she is admired by everyone in the castle, Miranda knows that such admiration would be shared with anyone who possessed her traits. What she truly appreciates is time with her family, and the love that they share. That is why sera is one of the few people whose admiration Miranda reciprocates. With sera, Miranda knows she can relax; she doesn't have to try hard to be The Leieness; she can be herself. she cannot do that with anyone else, not even their mother (especially their mother, as Miranda wants to much to make her proud.)

Motivation: Miranda is driven by a stern sense of duty, self-respect, and a knowledge of what rule means, instilled in her by her mother. she is proud of, and loves, herself, her family and her country and wants to do the best she can. There is another side to her that longs to escape, to relax, to love, to be just a human being; but she keeps that under control--most of the time.

Personality: Sturdy, decisive but thoughtful, intelligent; she only wastes thought on practical subjects. she is naturally social and has empathy for others, but she doesn't worry too much about others think of her for personal reasons--she's only worried about it because she will inherit the throne. Very selfless.

Beliefs: She professes believe in the Gods because she is taught to, but as it's not practical, doesn't waste too much time with religion. What is important to her is her belief that she can make a difference.

Fears: Failure. Not finding love. Making her family and country look bad. Losing a family member.

Dreams: Becoming a great Queen. Finding love. Helping sera grow up and find happiness.

Self Image: For a girl so close to perfection she is not very vain. she focuses on practical matters and prides herself in doing her best.