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Serena Milas
Serena Tiferet Milas
Birth Name: Milas
Fate: Cult's Vengeance Against the Black Rain Gender: Female
House: Class: Relic Hunter
Senior Member of the Fifth House of Kythos
Hair: fiery red-orange hair, slightly curled and messy
Eyes: emerald, shining, afraid and trying to be brave at once
Height: 6'1
Build: 150
attuned to Fate, Order and the Void
Elemental: Fire
servant of Nature and Earth
Profile: A woman both brave and afraid, struggling to find herself and her confidence, pretending to be stronger than she really is, deliberately starting shit just to prove it. It is this weakness that loses Arik's respect, because that posturing is exactly what he hates in himself. sera, serena's rival, has no such problem, and that is one of the reasons Arik is secretly proud of her and thinks she is better than serena. serena's heart was broken by her husband, and that is one of the reasons she feels she has to get back at the world. she feels like Arik has done the same thing to her, but doesn't have ground to stand on since they never had a real relationship.

Description: She looks almost like a tall child, with a rounded face, flat chest and an assumed carriage of immature devil-may-care. she is pretty, however, and that is one of the reasons Arik enjoys rejecting her to make himself feel better. she enjoys dressing in adventurer's clothes; she really attaches her identity to that of the relic hunter. Wears her swords everywhere.

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Profile: '
Relationship: A clothing store apprentice who married the store owner. When the business fell through they became very poor and took to abusing drink. They both looked at their daughters as a huge source of their financial troubles and beat them occassionally to make themselves feel better. They were never very happy people and relied on external things to measure life's worth.

Relationship: A storeowner who expected to receive a wealthy inheritance from his uncle. But his uncle died unexpectedly without writing a will and the money went to his bastard son. Arione hired Milia because he thought she was cute and they married; after the store business fell through due to harassment from the government, he took to drinking. When he got drunk enough he beat his daughters, not knowing what he was doing, and eventually it became a common occurence.

Family Relations: Serena always fought with her little sister as well, but Milas still looked up to her; when serena left, Milas was secretly heartbroken, and stayed with her parents, who still abused her, until she was 21. Just to take care of them as they got older and help them with the business. she ended up having to do serena's duties also.

Motivation: Serena searches the treasure to be beside Arik, and, now that he has abandoned her, to get her mind off of herself and her troubles. she does love the job of relic hunting but finds it lonely without Arik. she doesn't get along with most of the other people at the Cult since they look down on her. she is a little similar to sera in that she wants to prove herself to the Cult, but it's a half-hearted pride, since she hasn't really decided that that is the kind of person she wants to be.

Personality: From outside she appears to be immature, almost crazy, and irresponsible. In truth she is deeper than she seems, but is trying to find a way to express herself, to become herself, and she is unsure of who she should be around company. she is wounded from the things that have happened to her and takes them to heart instead of getting over them. This inability to forget is one of the reasons she takes on such a vengeance against sera. Outside of the Cult she might have turned into a better girl, but with horrible role models she has sunken to their level and doesn't really give a damn about anything but the next adventure.

Beliefs: Serena is just as confused about her beliefs as anything else, and that is one reason she only uses practical Magic such as scrying. she doesn't trust the Gods or any spells. she prefers to use her swords and her mouth to solve her problem.

Fears: Being forgotten or left behind or betrayed or abused, like has happened to her in the past. she wants people to take her seriously and it makes her feel horrible when they don't.

Dreams: Mostly she lives from day to day, she doesn't have a set goal for herself and gets lonely a lot feeling like she is just wandering through life doing nothing.

Self Image: Serena tries to put herself into the shoes of the brave adventurer, even romanticizing her unrequited love fling with Arik, but she never feels at home in herself, doesn't have any friends or family to anchor her and no one to look up to or count on. so she is very confused about who she is and that is the core of her weakness. she really hates herself and that is why she acts the way she does.

Childhood: Serena worked with her little sister in their parents' store and was physically and emotionally abused every now and then, didn't have a lot of friends as she was not let out a lot and didn't go to school. Milia looked up to her and serena had a little bit of affection for her sometimes, but serena often internalized what her parents told her and projected on Milia II, thinking if her little sister hadn't been born they would have more money and their parents wouldn't hate HER. Also she needed someone to take her anger out on and Milas was the only one around.

Adolescence: Serena lived with a boy to get away from her parents and married him when she was 19. He cheated on her a year later. When she found out, she beat him up and ran away from him, taking only her money and her swords with her. He cheated on her both out of lust and because she tended to think only about herself, or see him as hers and not in his own right. Arik found her drinking at a pub, sobbing about her story; he had sex with her that night and invited her to the Cult.

Passions: Relic hunting, going out and doing things just to go, travelling, ancient languages.

Society: Though she wants friends, her nature pushes away most people as they don't know how to deal with someone who seems so changeful, even nuts. she thought of Arik as her best friend, and he was, until he got tired of her.

Quirks: Changing her mind, wearing her emotions on her sleeve, easy to anger.

Loves: Arik, sort of idolizing him sometimes, but loving him for his actual good qualities at other times. Loves seeing new places and discovering things. Translating languages. she is very proud of herself when she does that.

Likes: Serena likes to drink and likes the excitement of a swordfight. But both things leave her unfulfilled afterwards.

Dislikes: Talking about her past, people who whine about their childhood since it makes her remember hers.

Hates: Being laughed at, scorned, criticized, especially by Arik, who does it the most. Hates herself because she doesn't know who she is, and because of her past.

Strengths: Stubbornness, a lot of feeling and energy and strength.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have a place for the energy to go, so it mostly goes toward self-destructive ends.

Talents: Serena is a very skilled translator of the ancient languages, especially Faracee. she is almost as good as Titherion even though Titherion has read many more books. she does take pride in herself for that.

Education: Didn't go to school. Only learned reading and writing and some basics to help her father in the store. Did a lot of the paperwork because she was good at it even at a young age.