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Sithe Morai
Sithe Morai
Birth Name: Morai
Fate: Deceiver and Murderer Gender: Male
House: Class: Black Magician
Senior Member of the Fifth House of Kythos
Hair: Light Blue, bangs around his eyes
Eyes: light blue
Height: 5'1
Build: 155
aligned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
servant of Nature and Earth
Profile: A dangerous man, loyal to no one but himself. Destroys his lover Charlotte because she decides to try and escape him.

Description: Likes wearing blue; extravagant, flamboyant clothing. Kind of lean

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Profile: '
Relationship: His mother was a prostitute and was badly abused by many of her clients. since she was so poor sithe was frequently with her while she worked until he grew up. she hid in a farmer's stable and gave birth to him alone--it nearly killed her and she never felt that he was worth it, he was always a burden. Eventually she 'settled down' with an older man as a sort of housekeeper/whore. The whole time his mother was a user, even while he was in the womb, and sithe picked up on those habits as he got older. she eventually died trying to abort a pregancy, right before he left.

Relationship: Never there. A 'client'. sithe's experiences growing up alone with a drug addict whore, with the clients for father figures, twisted him. He began selling drugs out of the old man's house.

Family Relations: After sithe, his mother let her other babies die

Motivation: Whim, and a sort of vengeance against the world that raised him. His own laconic, self-serving amusement.

Personality: Most of what is good in him has been eaten away by time. He works hard at things that he cares about for his own ends, but abandons all else. He sees everything in the light of "what good is this going to do me?" He thinks he is strong for surviving but he is really just letting his life, his past, drive him around.

Beliefs: He believes in the Magic because it works. He respects Kythos as the goddess of Desire, and makes regular offerings to her due to that, but cares little for real faith

Fears: Fear of becoming weak, of letting the pain take over him. He is fighting a war against his past, against himself, that he thinks he is winning, when really he is losing. Fear of letting others get the better of him like his mother let others.

Dreams: To become the leader of the Cult, or to start his own Cult, mostly for the attention and arrogance it will give him. He likes Titherion too much to try to take it from her (he identifies with her a lot)

Self Image: Sees himself as being stronger, smarter, wiser, etc than every one else, thinking he has lived through more than them. That is one reason he likes Titherion, he can look up to her because her childhood was worse and she ran away too.

Childhood: Pretty horrible. Went hungry a lot due to his mother spending money on her addiction

Adolescence: Devil may care, running around fucking girls, selling drugs, killing men in duel for sport, breaking into stores to steal things he didn't need, etc. stayed with his mother until he decided he hated the man she was staying with, loathed him, and left to live in the streets. Got into a lot of duels and ran into serena that way. she inducted him into the cult, as a way to "save" him, since he had such talent with the sword, and he took to Magic with a passion.

Passions: self-gratification, Magic, using drugs and women. He likes to read when it's something he feels he can get a use out of

Society: treats others like playthings for his amusement, and he is better than them and different

Quirks: is very active and always has to be doing something, messing with somebody, or going out. Like he is running from having to stand still and think for a minute

Loves: there isn't a lot he really loves. He loves charlotte because she really loves him, but it's a strange messed up feeling that he can't really get to through his lust. He loves Titherion a little bit and had a thing for her back in the day but she had sex with him once and never talked about it again

Likes: reading, keeping himself occupied

Dislikes: sympathy (out of jealousy), other people who think they are special (like Arik)

Hates: people telling him what to do, people judging him, any kind of weakness since he thinks he does not show any, boredom, moralizing of any kind

Strengths: stubborn ness, innate magical ability, a sort of one ness with the world, a genuine strength from what he's been through

Weaknesses: no care for judgment or reason, underestimating others

Talents: breaking things

Education: none really. serena and Titherion taught him all he knows about Magic. He grew closer to Titherion and separate from serena, even though serena brought him in. Maybe he saw his mother in her and pushed her away.