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Charlotte Sarianon
Charlotte Marie Sarianon
Birth Name: Sarianon
Fate: Lover of the Deceiver Gender: Female
House: Class: Apprentice sorceress
Member of the Fifth House of Kythos
Hair: Very curly, stylish dark red-orange, longish hair
Eyes: Deep, earthy brown, penetrating, teasing, and sharp.
Height: 5'7
Build: 145
attuned to Soul, Order and the Aethyr
Elemental: Earth
bound to Intelligence and Heaven
Profile: An innocent farm girl who set off to see the world. Caught by sithe while she was sightseeing in Faracee City, she was drawn into the Cult by their romance. she is corrupted by his lifestyle, begins to use drugs and do Magic herself, does the sex rituals with him and they start to abuse each other. Yet her friendly, proud farm girl core remains and that is the side that sera sees, and cannot reconcile with, the fashionable, hedonistic, devil-may-care girl that has been seduced by the magician. secretly she hates herself and longs to return home, but she is afraid to quit the Cult and be hunted down. she attempts to kill herself at the Cult of Moros by running headfirst into a fray of spells--"Sera...don't stop me...please..." then running up the stairs screaming--but sera blocks the spells, the only time her Magic works at the Moros Cult; so sithe kills her himself, consumed with rage. "So, you want to die, do you?! Die, and leave me alone?! I thought you loved me, but you are just a lie, like everything else in this world!"

Description: Beautiful, classy with a simple grace, and voluptuous. she didn't use her power over men at home, but she always had a lot of suitors, even though she wasn't rich. sithe enjoys getting into a lot of duels with men over her now that he gets her to dress in rich, sexy dresses.

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Relationship: Eleara died when Charlotte was 13, of an incurable wasting sickness. They always had a good relationship and Charlotte was very sad when she died. she had a tutor when she was young, so she taught Charlotte how to read, etc.

Relationship: A farmer who took good care of his family, was kind and wise, but tended towards quietness and simplicity. He raised Charlotte after his wife died, and always doted on her, though, a little distantly, as he didn't believe in too much emotion being shown.

Family Relations: Charlotte got along with her sisters and brothers fairly well. They all worked the farm together and swapped stories before bedtime. Her sisters were beautiful too so together they all wowed the boys at the gatherings. One of Charlotte's sisters, susan, was going to help her open her horse ranch when she got back from traveling.

Motivation: She left home to experience life before she settled down, having inherited some money from a dying uncle. she met sithe and thought he was something else, and now finds herself unable to leave him, enchanted by the bad qualities that are ruining her. A part of her sees sera as someone outside, above the Cult, so that is why she befriends sera. A secret part of her heart wants her to leave and return home, but she is unable to. she can't leave sithe and she is afraid the Cult will kill her.

Personality: Before the Cult, she was a strong, proud, well balanced girl with hopes of running her own horse ranch. After joining the Cult she loses her independence and succumbs to all the things they ask her to do. The drugs really mess her up.

Beliefs: Charlotte believed in the Gods. she downplays the role of the Goddess Kythos in the rituals, preferring to see Magic as her own personal power. she is not very big on Magic and that is fine for sithe since he doesn't want her to have too much power/freedom.

Fears: Basically, exactly what happened to her--being misled, used, trapped, abused, controlled...all of the activities she engages in dull her mind so that she isn't as aware of it, but she knows she is not truly happy.

Dreams: To become a horse trainer or run her own ranch; to get out and see what life has to offer, travel

Self Image: Charlotte loves herself but doesn't take herself too seriously; she thinks of herself as a simple, honest girl. The parading around of the Cult doesn't impress her; she mostly follows along with everything to appease sithe.

Childhood: Working the farm, playing with her siblings and the nearby kids, learning from her mother...

Adolescence: The same, but older now...she dated a few boys but never liked anyone too much, they all wanted to control her and she didn't like it. Talked a lot to her father to keep him company after her mother died.

Passions: Making clothes, taking care of her father's horses, cooking, especially with vegetables from the farm

Society: She was always a popular girl but she didn't keep a lot of friends, only good ones she really liked. Her farm was close to others so they often had a gathering together and she would dance with the boys and tell jokes, etc.

Quirks: Laughs at her own beauty, and her own follies.

Loves: Sithe, in a weird way. she might have loved him for real if he had just stayed with her without playing with her mind. Loves independence, family, friends, nature, stories, laughter.

Likes: Being around others, new things

Dislikes: People she considers to be mean. she really dislikes immorality but tries to understand it through sithe, which is what leads her downhill

Hates: Being judged, hearing her friends criticized, being left out, being bored

Strengths: A healthy, self-loving pride, honesty, balance, friendliness.

Weaknesses: Propensity to get herself into trouble, being too curious, too trusting. Drugs started to become a major problem for her.

Talents: She is actually pretty good at Magic, if she really cared to do it, she would be better.

Education: Her mother taught her everything she knows. But her mother was pretty wise.