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Kythos Aralia
Kythos Maravegan Aralia
Birth Name: Aralia
Fate: Illyx Goddess of Wisdom, Desire, Death and Judgment Gender: Feminine
House: Class:
The Black Rain
Hair: Long, thin black, or brown
Eyes: Gray, or brown
Height: Tall
Build: Bone thin
Scion of Fate, Order and the Void
Elemental: Wind
master of Intelligence and Earth
Profile: Kythos is a goddess closely aligned with Fate. It was she who orchestrated the End of the First Children. she often moves for Fate when Fate cannot directly influence events. she is counted on to make the hard choices but also because of her wisdom and consideration for the suffering of Souls. Hates those who misrepresent her, especially as "evil". Often serves as a nuetral intermediary between the other Gods or spirits. Really hates those who interfere with the spirit world.

Description: Kythos has different forms that she chooses to present herself in. The most common one is a deathlike figure that is bone-thin, very tall, with distant gray eyes, holding the menacing, sceptre of Judgment. The aspect of Desire and Wisdom is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes, very like her incarnation before she rose to become a God.

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Motivation: She has been trying to get rid of Xerial but has failed since he has the star of the Path. Finally, working with Fate, she uses sera to destroy him. Her personal motivations are to become a more powerful, deserving, high goddess (she is already very important), to clear her name with the mortal world, to complete the missions assigned to her by Fate, to watch over the spirit world, etc. she is actually a caring Goddess who considers her place and duties to be very important.

Personality: Moody, holds a grudge, but takes care of those who call on her, and considers it very important to make the correct judgment, to take responsibility for her actions, and to complete her mission and the directions of the Powers.

Beliefs: Believes that some Souls or people must be broken to be fixed, but considers it extremely important to correctly judge her own actions and to have sympathy for those lesser beings.



Self Image:

Childhood: Kythos was the Goddess name she chose. Her last mortal incarnation, as Maravegan Aralia, was as a monk-judge for a removed magical civilization in another universe. Having proved herself worthy of Godhood then, she was offered and took the duty of becoming a Goddess by performing small tasks as a spirit Watcher for the Powers.

Adolescence: When the First Children began to thrive, Aeyr chose the Aierophyx, and Kythos chose the Illyx. she revealed herself to a woman seer who became the first Praetess of Kythos.


Society: Doesn't partake too much in the society of the Gods, unless she is needed to solve a problem; prefers to spend her time watching over spirits and mortals. some look down on her for it but it is her badge of pride and why she is so useful to the Powers.


Loves: Being able to take care of Souls, power to make change, being 'called' for a duty, making the right choice, doing something needed, people who know what they want and do what they have to do get it without hurting others

Likes: Solving disputes, lovers, Magic and magicians

Dislikes: Foolishness and unworthy disputes, inability to get over yourself

Hates: Being misrepresented, those who interfere with the spirit world or with rightful death, those who cast desire in a negative light, those who exercise poor judgment considering others

Strengths: Powerful and caring, dutiful magical Goddess

Weaknesses: Lack of hesitation once she has made up her mind to do something, easily angered, may overdo things