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Mytal Valkrii
Mytal Khan Valkrii
Birth Name: Valkrii
Fate: King Tormented by Grief Gender: Male
A strong king, driven to weakness by love...his obsession to save his wife from death would send his entire family into Hell.
House: Class: Royalty, Dark sorcerer
Leien of Valkrii
Hair: Long silver (down to back)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1
Build: Stocky but not muscled or fat
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Fire
bound to Nature and Earth
Profile: Mytal was always a rough, strong man who empathized little with others - until he met his future wife Kaela. Her weakness taught him to open his heart. He grew to love her and his family very much. After Kaela contracted a wasting sickness, he spent two years searching for a cure. As more and more attempts failed, he began to search in darker places...he contacts the Cult of Moros, the God of Death, and begins studying his Magic. But when he finally casts the spell to invoke the God, the God breaks lost of his bonds and drags the Souls of the Valkrii family into Hell, killing them all instantly. Mycell, his son, is the only survivor.

Description: A man who looks as rough as his personality, with permanent white stubble on his face and a fierce disposition. A king whose main physical activity is hunting, he is not too muscled but he does have some strength.

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Relationship: Mytal rarely saw his mother and when he did she wasn't too kind to him. still he looked up to her and respected her diligence as ruler, and he was grieved when she was killed.

Relationship: Maetal Valkrii was stern but more kind than Relena, and he had a rough sense of humor which he passed down to Mytal. He spent more time with the boy as well, taking him on his hunting trips to "make him a man." Mytal looked up to him as a role model, and Maetal often confided in him and his brother Marek about the problems they were having in the country, and what he was going to do, in order to teach them about the throne, and also just to get it off his chest with someone he could trust. He laughingly dubbed these meetings in his room "The Great Council." In this way, Mytal learned how to be a king.

Family Relations: Marek Valkrii was their first born and the heir to the throne. He was a jerk and always looked down on Mytal, teased him and rough-housed with him. He was poisoned by radical elements in the castle, three years before their mother and father were killed. Those responsible were discovered, and they were thrown off the Valkrii Precipice into the Valley of Teeth.

Motivation: Mytal had always wondered if he would be better suited to kingship than his brother Marek. But he never thought he would find out until his brother was killed by poisoners. After that his father did all he could to instill kingship in him. Then Maetal and Relena were killed, and Mytal was left to his own judgment on a throne he still was not ready for. His motivation is to be a good king like his father, and prove that he deserves the throne. He wants to do justice to the memory of his mother and father.

Personality: Mytal respects those who are tough and he is tough himself, but he has never learned to let himself feel or be weak, so he is constantly trying to hide his true feelings. He does have a sense of humor which frequently gets him in trouble, but his father was the same so he sees no problem with it. Inside his struggle to be hard, is a person who wants to be loved and given attention to, someone who has doubts but does not allow himself to let those doubts surface. He does enjoy being with girls at the castle and for a while let sex drown out his sorrow.

Beliefs: As a top member of the Valkrii royal family he is raised to participate in the rituals dedicated to Moros, God of Death. They are almost magical in nature but are mostly for tribute and to ask him to be merciful to their citizens and cruel to their enemies. It is not until Kaela gets sick that he starts to investigate the more magical side of the God with the High Priest of the Cult of Moros. He has an unwavering belief in the Gods but is not sure how much attention they pay to earth.

Fears: Being alone, being abandoned, that he is not good enough for the throne or weak.

Dreams: Being the best king possible. Later, saving Kaela's life.

Self Image: He tries to believe in the image he projects to others, which is that he is a rough, but honest, dedicated leader of men. This is truly what he is, but, he does not allow his self image to have faults and that is where it becomes a story instead of a portrait of a man.

Childhood: Classes for royalty, raised mostly by servants, his father spent time with him and took him hunting as soon as he was old enough. Beaten up by his brother Marek when no adults were around.

Adolescence: Became angry at Marek and tried to fight back, angry at his mother for not spending time with him, but his pride did not allow him to complain and instead he put his energy into his studies, trying to prove he was better than Marek. Became an expert hunter like his father.

Passions: Leading, his country, women, the idea of strength

Society: He liked to hang around young men his age from the barracks. Or the noble boys who would go hunting with them. Rarely he enjoyed Marek's company when he behaved. Later he became good friends with the Chancellor, who supported him after his parents died.

Quirks: Tries too hard.

Loves: His wife and children, his country, being king

Likes: Hunting

Dislikes: Weakness in himself and others. Impractical things. Criminals and cowards.

Hates: The rebels who killed his parents.

Strengths: Fortitude

Weaknesses: Exhaustion, not able to relax

Talents: Kingship

Education: Royal tutor