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Sariah Mileia
Sariah (Si'anyaanki) Remaara Mileia
Birth Name: Mileia
Fate: Doomed Lover of an Angel, First Human Devotee to Kythos Gender: Female
House: Class: Spirit Watcher
Member of the Third House of Kythos
Hair: Long rich brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8
Build: 165
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Aethyr
bound to Nature and Heaven
Profile: Previous incarnation of Sera Blackrain. Against the will of her parents, she joined the Illyx in devotion to the Goddess Kythos. Karmei'nyall, who was curious about the town and the Goddess he had dreams about, saw sariah in the marketplace selling flowers and fell in love. He hid the fact that he was an Aierophyx to get into town and did not reveal himself to sariah at first. After he did he gave her the name "Si'anyaanki", an Aierophyx translation of sariah. sariah and her family were sought out to be killed during the invasion of their city, once it was found out that Karmei'nyall had fell in love with a human in the Illyx town. Again in this life, her family ostracized her for Kythos and her love for the Aierophyx.

Description: Brown-eyed, warm-skinned, shorter, more rounded, she seemed different than sera in every way--but there was something in the nature of the face, the eyes, the movement, the aura of her, that was oddly like looking in the mirror at herself.

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Relationship: (Miranda preincarnation) Watches over si with love but is very strict with her and doesn't want her to be corrupted by anyone's ideas. Disapproves of Kythos, and of Karmei'nyall. Tries to split them up but si won't have it.

Relationship: (Arik preincarnation) Watches over si too but is more removed, more focused on his wife, and the trouble that si causes her. More lenient towards Kythos but really doesn't approve of Karmei since he knows it will bring trouble and he is not ready to let si go.

Family Relations: (Filicia preincarnation) spends a lot of time with boys and girl friends, but is very loving when si is alone with her. Takes a very guardian-like stance over sera and often stands up against the parents, but at other times agrees with Ameya's cautions and seconds them.

Motivation: Si wants to find that thing that is missing in herself and in her society, and when Kythos speaks to her through Illisia she does. she becomes the first human worshipper of Kythos out of her emotion, but afterwards tries to bring it to the other humans in the village. Karmei'nyall is swept up in her arguments for Kythos, seeing as he has always been conditioned to think of Kythos as evil. si wants to bring the divine back to the humans, but because it brings her joy, not because she thinks she is better than them. That is the key difference between her and Karmei'nyall that he sees.

Personality: Searching; unlike Karmei'nyall she is humble, grounded, and honestly true to herself. she is taken away by her emotions, and they will lead her anywhere, but at times when she is calm she is strong and centered, at peace. While most of the humans laugh at the Gods of the Aierophyx and Illyx, si has always been interested in them, feeling that there is something missing in the human race that the other races have, namely, a sense of something deeper than the self. si wants to know that there is something more than survival and personal success and the strains of a society that mostly does not care for her, concerned as it is only with its own survival.

Beliefs: Believes in 'something more'--and once she finds Kythos, believes that she is a symbol of that. she is not sure if Kythos is truly real, but loves the idea of her as a representation of what is lacking in humanity.

Fears: Fear that she's wrong, that there's really nothing there and she's just fooling herself. Fear that her parents will disapprove of her

Dreams: To get out of the city and see something new and exciting

Self Image: Thinks of herself as precocious, how her family identifies her, but sweet and pretty. Feels that she is 'really living life' while everyone else seems to be going through the motions.

Childhood: Si was loved, but always guided towards a safe place, when she had it in her to go into more dangerous places. she was always a bit lonely though because none of her family were really friends to her and the strangers she met did not understand her.

Adolescence: Karmei'nyall was the first to understand her, and that was part of the reason she could fall in love with him. she felt justified in her beliefs for the first time and was in a state of happiness and turmoil (due to the trouble her beliefs and love caused) up until the end. Knew she was the reason for her family's death and that caused her grief which compounded in her next life as sera.

Passions: Reading, gardening, going out and doing things

Society: Loves her family, is a bit wary of strangers but nice once she warms up to someone

Quirks: Very instinctive

Loves: Her family, gardening, the mystery of things, joy of life, strength

Likes: Stories, music, new places, walking in the city

Dislikes: Being told what to do, being doubted, being wrong

Hates: Cruelty, people who disrepect her or insult her, or worse, refuse to consider her ideas. Arrogance

Strengths: Firm belief in "something", that what she is looking for is worth looking for. Inner strength

Weaknesses: Doesn't think before she acts, honesty gets her in trouble, led by her emotions

Talents: Intelligence, compassion and depth

Education: Well educated by the human society's central school system in the city