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Karmei'nyall Arisephon
Karmei'nyall Vatistii Arisephon
Birth Name: Arisephon
Fate: Si'anyaanki's Lover, Destroyer of the Old World Gender: Male
House: Class:
Second Order Master and Praethyn of the Council of Aeyr
Hair: White
Eyes: Light, cold blue
aligned to Soul, Order and the Void
Elemental: Earth
servant of Nature and Earth
Profile: A young Aierophyx philosopher who struggled with the meaning of Holiness and joined the Order of Aeyr to rise through its ranks. Well-respected for his intelligence, dedication, and honor, he still feels that something is lacking in his life--something outside of books and ideals. On a soul-searching flight he "hears" sariah (Si'anyaanki) praying to Kythos with his mind, and lands intent on lecturing her about Kythos's true nature. Instead, he falls in love...And everything that happens after that slowly but inevitably leads him towards the destruction of his people, madness, and his own worship of Kythos.


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Relationship: A very beautiful Aierophyx who became sick while Karmei'nyall was young (about 15). she died and after that Karmei'nyall came to view the mortal world with scorn, since love in it was so fleeting, meaningless and painful.

Relationship: A very intelligent Aierophyx who was destroyed when his wife Valerii died. Never much for children, especially not his own son, he virtually became a recluse afterwards, giving his son financial help but pushing him off to the Order of Aeyr to get him out of sight so he could be alone with his sorrow.

Family Relations: Lending itself to his sense of importance and his sense of loneliness when his mother died and his father basically abandoned him

Motivation: Karmei'nyall wants to prove himself. He externalizes it, looking for attention from everyone, seeking fame, but what he really wants is to prove to himself that he is good. His self-love is empty and fragile. He wants to do his work for the Council of Aeyr well and he really does, but it is more for himself than for the world or his God.

Personality: Fiercely motivated, but secretly empty, Karmei'nyall is a man who uses others to get what he wants, somewhat consciously, somewhat unconsciously. He doesn't care much for others, and knows they don't care much for him due to the hive-mind. His best relief seems to be getting into debates with others like himself. But he does study very hard and he does struggle to find who he really is through his beliefs. When he meets si'anyaanki she seems to be everything he is not and that is one of the reasons he falls in love with her.

Beliefs: Believes in Aeyr and his ways but has his own take on things which he puts more faith in than the standard rules and services. Believes he has everything figured out until he meets si'anyaanki.

Fears: His weakness being exposed--as it was after he met si'anyaanki, in a different way than he expected. He knows he is not everything he pretends to be. His love with si'aanyanki forces him to assess who he really is, his true beliefs, and his true desires.

Dreams: Before meeting si'anyaanki his primary concern is becoming a famous religious philosopher, getting his work published in a major fashion. After meeting her, all he can think about is how he can make their love work even if it seems impossible.

Self Image: While Karmei'nyall acknowledges the philosophy of humility he is actually very arrogant and narcissistic. This takes on a selfish, sadistic bent after sian'yaanki's death, where he puts his own emotions and motives before anything else in the world

Childhood: Karmei'nyall, as an innocent boy, was very taken with mythology, especially that of Aeyr and Kythos, and was a bit of a writer. He thought of being a priest; after his mother died he felt he had no choice. As he grew older and became more absorbed in himself and his work to escape his loneliness, he started to become more and more like an asshole every day, all the while knowing he was losing his grip on who he really should be.


Passions: Intellection, Magic, learning, beauty, the unknown. After si'anyaanki, vengeance against his kin.

Society: Sort of popular with the cognoscenti, but not as popular as he thinks he is or would like. Even they have a feeling that he is false and they delight in the end of his 'sordid love affair'

Quirks: Twitches a lot, nervous

Loves: Religious music, his ideas, stimulating conversation

Likes: Debates. Himself.

Dislikes: People who disagree with him, or mock his ideas

Hates: Those who are openly against him or seek to undermine his career; his own self-doubt. People who bore him or have ideas he thinks are stupid.

Strengths: Diligence, intelligence, a good inner core and delight in reason and spirituality that he sometimes taps into

Weaknesses: Pride, uncertainty, selfishness

Talents: Learning, being unique, having an original insight into things

Education: Studied diligently at the Temple of Aeyr, always aiming to be a famous clergyman of some sort. His pride was always a scar on his personality, dulling a bit as he got older and saw how it could work against him, but always there.