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Aeyr Taros
Aeyr Talisman Taros
Birth Name: Taros
Fate: Aierophyx God of the Divine Law, Repentance, and Chastity Gender: Masculine
House: Class:
The Light of Heaven; The Mask of scorn
Hair: Golden blond, long
Eyes: Fiery golden
Height: Tall
Build: Muscled
Scion of Soul, Order and the Aethyr
Elemental: Fire
master of Nature and Heaven
Profile: A lesser God than Kythos, who does not understand her ways and seeks to save Souls from suffering by denying their desire. Whereas Kythos judges based on realities and outcomes, Aeyr judges based on principle and what he thinks best. But the feud between them is largely based on his own need for power and his insecurity that Kythos is greater than him. He does honestly believe in his principles and tries to perform good work and protect his own; that is why the higher Powers allow him to continue governance. He is strict over Magic and believes it should not be used unless it is to fend off other, harmful Magic. His obstinancy and single mindedness can be very useful to the Powers at times when a task needs to be completed.

Description: A broad chested, golden-armored warrior, always looking down with scorn upon the viewer, a long silver sword inscribed with Divine runes in his hand. Normally astride the immortal, sexless steed Chastity which symbolizes his own restraint.

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Motivation: Trying to bring about the supremacy of his ideals in the pantheon of the Gods, not really understanding that they all have a part. Trying to become more powerful than Kythos, and lessen her influence, since he believes she is doing it wrong and is misguided and is letting her people come to ruin by encouraging them to be as they are and giving them more power.

Personality: Does not easily change his mind and holds to his ways always. Quick to judge and can be ill-tempered with those who disagree with him. Honorable, and holds himself to the highest standards, particularly with performing tasks or with obeying the laws that he sets for others. safeguards and protects his people, actively trying to help them alleviate their karma through good deeds and the negation of desire.

Beliefs: True love is not tainted by desire; want only generates pain and negative karma



Self Image:

Childhood: In his last incarnation as Talisman Taros, he was castrated by his religious parents as a boy and brought up as a warrior-monk to defend and teach his people. He completed his tasks and ended his life certain that he had lived in the correct way to please the Gods. He was given the ordinancy of Godhood and governance of the Aierophyx, mostly to balance out Kythos's reign on Celes and to give an opposite view of things.



Society: Likes to be buddies with the other Gods and spirits, wants to be liked; but most of them find him a bit much, especially when he gets into arguments over morality, etc. He is the most strict of the Gods.


Loves: Those who follow and agree with him, even if they sometimes fail. Protecting his people. His opinions. Creation, but in an idealized way.

Likes: Swordfighting. Runes. Old tales.

Dislikes: Sex and hedonism, unnecessary bloodletting, magic

Hates: Those he feels are doing the "wrong" thing or acting the wrong way, losing arguments, being helpless, anyone who upsets the way of his people

Strengths: Determined, hardheaded and single-minded, believes in himself and his mission

Weaknesses: A secret feeling that he might be wrong, might not really understand, that maybe HE is the one who needs to learn the right way