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Kaela Valkrii
Kaela Sara Valkrii
Birth Name: Trucil
Fate: Sacrifice to the God of Death Gender:
Locked in a wasting sleep, she died too soon...
House: Class: Royalty
Leies of Valkrii, Leieness of Trucil
Hair: Very long, straight brown
Eyes: Very soft blue
Height: 6'3
Build: Very thin, fragile
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Aethyr
Elemental: Wind
bound to Intelligence and Heaven
Profile: A princess of Trucil, she was beautiful and admired by many suitors. she was flattered but didn't take any of it too seriously until Mytal brought her a rare plant from the forest. she had mentioned to him that she loved to draw plants. That got his foot in the door. They got married and he grew exceedingly fond of her. she left most of the rule of Valkrii to him and focused on raising their 3 children. But she contracted a fatal illness when she was 25, and Mytal spent the next two years searching for a cure as she slowly died...

Description: She was always very weak and got sick easily. she got tired quickly and preferred to sit reading or drawing instead of going out or talking or other activities that required a lot of energy. But she was pretty and her fragility made her more attractive to those men who were inclined to help her. she kept a retinue of servants around to help her with her children but she always doted on them and did the best she could. Bored with politics, she kept to her family and let Mytal and his government rule Valkrii, as they had before her marriage.

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Profile: '
Relationship: Like Kaela, Kyra was born sickly and died when she was young. Kaela's birth took a great toll on her mother's body and left her mostly bedridden for the rest of their life; but Kyra didn't blame her for it, and they had a good relationship until Kyra's death. Kyra was the daughter of a very wealthy horse merchant from overseas, whose horses greatly increased the strength of Kaman's army. Kaela is an only child. Her mother could not afford to have any more kids. Her father has started looking for a second wife on the advice of his court, and even Kaela, so he can have another heir. But he is having trouble deciding.

Relationship: Her father doted on Kaela very much, especially after her mother died. He was often criticized for spending too much time with them, but he was able, through wise rule, to maintain his kingdom and still spend time with his family. Though it was an arranged marriage he grew to love Kyra very much and is very protective of Kaela, sometimes to the point of being rude to those who are interested in her. He spoils her and lets her have whatever she asks for; since she cannot move about freely, he is the "legs" for her when she wants something.

Family Relations: Kaela's older sister. Healthy, and as spoiled as Kaela, she is first in line and grows up to be a royal brat. she spends very little time with Kaela, preferring to be with her friends. Kaela is very jealous of her, almost to the point of hate, and detests how shallow she is. Most of all, Kaela just wishes Leila would spend more time with her. But Leila doesn't have the time or inclination.

Motivation: Kaela knows she cannot rule the kingdom with her health and advises her father to marry again and have another heir. she sees her goal as taking care of her father, and securing an alliance with another country through marriage. But when it comes down to it, she is more concerned with her own happiness than the potential alliance for the country. And her father indulges her because her happiness is what matters most to him in his life. so her number one goal at the beginning is making her father happy and being a good daughter.

Personality: Kaela can be sweet and charming to those she admires and loves, but she has a smart mouth and likes to make fun of strangers, especially those who come to try for her hand. It's her way of having fun when she can't go out and gossip with her friends like every other noble woman in the castle. But to her it's harmless and she does have some compassion, especially from having to suffer with her health so much. she does have a lot of pride and tries not to complain or ask for help due to her sickness, although she won't hesitate to ask you to get something for her if she wants it.

Beliefs: Kaela doesn't really have time for religion. she wonders why God would have made some people healthy and some people sick, seemingly without a reason. she is more concerned, therefore with practical things.

Fears: Dying too soon like her mother, making her father unhappy, not finding a good man and having to marry a jerk just to create an alliance. Falling somewhere and not being able to get up, where no one can help her.

Dreams: Finding love and being able to make her father happy. Being reunited with her mother in the after life. (Which she does believe in.)

Self Image: She thinks of herself as pretty but also as too much trouble. so it is almost amusing to her that men go through so much trouble over her. "Don't you know what you're getting into? Don't think about just the short term." But she has pride in herself also and wants to do well as a princess of Trucil and as a daughter.

Childhood: Spent much time at her mother's side, doted on and spoiled by her father, yet she had to battle her illness even then, and had to stay inside and watch other children play from the window.

Adolescence: Her mother died which caused her a lot of grief, but that made her stronger and made her realize how precious life is. so she treated her father very kindly after that and tried to be nicer to people, and tried to be a better person. However her precocious nature often got the better of her and she would play tricks on people around the castle. she was still very pampered and spoiled but had to fight a growing loneliness, weariness and sadness from being shut in all the time and being unable to walk very far. she did have one friend Ruby who frequently visited her and shared gossip with her. Originally Kaman had asked her to do that but, Ruby grew to like Kaela and thought she was funny so she went of her own will.

Passions: Kaela loves to draw and what she loves to draw most are plants. Doesn't have to be flowery, any sort of tree or bush will do. she has her father bring them to her.

Society: Her father, her mother, and her friend Ruby. she is visited by the doctor often and by servants. Lately she is harassed by a number of suitors from around the world, which she finds equally annoying and interesting.


Loves: Her family, both her old and her new one. Drawing, and nature.

Likes: Quiet, or peaceful music.

Dislikes: Being annoyed. People who try to change her personality or don't understand her humor.

Hates: Being weak. Being unable to move about. Being a burden on others.

Strengths: Spiritual fortitude even though her body is weak.

Weaknesses: Health. A little bit immature.

Talents: Drawing, her ability to maintain calm in the face of adversity.

Education: Royal tutors. Who visited her instead of the other way around.