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Illisia Tharos
Illisia Dimigarten Tharos
Birth Name: Tharos
Fate: Illyx High Praetess of Kythos Gender: Female
House: Class: Dark sorceress
Illyx High Praetess of Kythos
Hair: Purple-black
Eyes: Bright green
Height: 6'4
Build: 130
aligned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
servant of Intelligence and Heaven
Profile: Master sorceress, inventor of relics, and religious leader of the Illyx civilization. Frequently invokes and is possessed by Kythos, so much so that she begins to mistake her own will for that of the Goddess. Loathes the Aierophyx and deceives Karmei'nyall with the intention to destroy their race. Creates the Robe of Fortuis to protect herself from the Aierophyx mind-reading capabilities. Creates the swords Faith and Glory by sacrificing Fatima and Faiirax to Kythos--but Fatima, dying, requests that Kythos puts a curse on the swords that prevents Illisia from using them. Faith and Glory are the weapons she intend to use to finish off the Aierophyx once Xerial's transformation takes place.

Description: Illisia had a face and torso much like a human woman's; her eyes were terribly green, her long hair was a dark shade of purple, and her naked skin was a very pale white. (Transformation) Her bottom half was that of a huge snake; it was covered in black scales except for the blue ones on the underbelly, and coiled around her in the air, coming to an end in a tail with a purple bulb that might have been beautiful, but for the deformed, bony spike that jutted out from it, tearing it in two. Two great wings framed the monstrosity: they were black, smooth, and sharply pointed. They rose from Illisia's shoulders and stretched out to the height of a person on either side.

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Profile: '
Relationship: Lisania was a well respected High Praetess of Kythos who reared her daughter to take her place. Halfway through her life, at 300, she became 'deranged' due to mysterious, unknown causes (?) and eventually fled L'arcinsiel, never to return. Illisia took her place. Perhaps there was a political plot, and a trial on Illisia's life that didn't work out?

Relationship: A skillful crafter of jewelry and sculpture who loved his work more than his wife. Illisia received her inventiveness from him. He did dote on Illisia while her mother was constantly away or working. Died saving Illisia from a political plot on her life after her mother left.

Family Relations:

Motivation: Determined to end the Aierophyx race through the power of Kythos. Also wants to spread the worship of Kythos. It is her conversion of si'anyaanki, and subsequently the other humans, that leads to the Aierophyx noticing the town, and therefore, Karmei'nyall's romance with her, causing them to attack the town.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to her race, her position, and her goddess, Illisia has become set in her ways over hundreds of years and is determined to bring the Illyx-Aierophyx war to an end by destroying them. she is arrogant and proud, and expects her word to be carried out always. she is an incredible genius, inventing many things over the course of the years, with the help of her Magic and the Goddess Kythos. she frequently invokes or is possessed by the Goddess, so much so that she comes to mistake her own feelings and will for that of the Goddess'. so she ends up believing that she cannot be wrong and that every idea is an inspiration.

Beliefs: Believes in Kythos and the superiority of her race above all other things.



Self Image:

Childhood: Raised in the discipline of Kythos by her mother, taught the craft of handwork and ingenuity by her father. she respected her mother more than her father, but her mother only cared about bringing her up as the next Praetess. This lack of affection from her mother warped her in some ways, making her desire the love and nearness of the Goddess Kythos to an extreme.

Adolescence: Devoted herself to her studies with incredible zeal to make her mother proud, and when her mother left L'arcinsiel, she became the High Praetess. Her father died saving her from an assassination attempt before her ordination. Her words to him as he died were "Thank you for your service to Kythos."


Society: Priests and priestesses in L'arcinsiel and elsewhere. Otherwise, keeps to her laboratory or the shrine of Kythos. Her husband Izzakor is there to serve her needs but she doesn't care to hang around him otherwise.


Loves: Feeling superior, making new things, Kythos, Magic, her race, preaching, being independent and alone

Likes: Swordplay and debating

Dislikes: Humans, but puts up with them.

Hates: The Aierophyx, anything smacking of a "communal" atmosphere. Weakness. Doubters.

Strengths: Brilliant mind, immense power due to her faithfulness to Kythos, perfect self-confidence

Weaknesses: Doesn't see the world as it truly is and does not try to understand anything. Everything must conform to her view and serve her will.