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Ralix Ralt
Ralix Ralt
Birth Name: Ralt
Fate: Chancellor of Valkrii Gender: Male
An ambassador to nations, whose humorous and casual demeanor belies a deep longing for that which he has lost.
House: Class: Ruler
Chancellor of Valkrii
Hair: Dirty blond, shoulder length
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0
Build: Sturdy, a little muscled
attuned to Fate, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Wind
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: A man who seems simple but hides a wealth of emotion. He is dedicated to his country, using his sense of loyalty to propel him forward. He buries himself in work since he feels he has no other use.

Description: A blond man, with shoulder length hair whose travels abroad gave him weathered, tanned skin and a roguish flair. He is fond of wearing capes.

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Relationship: Ralt's mother was a noble lady who chose not to raise her son. she gave him to a foster mother who raised him. His father visited him occasionally but his mother rarely did, preferring to go to parties and things like that. she had little interest in him or her husband, since it was an arranged marriage. she was free to do as she liked and acted pretty much like a single woman with no cares. Ralt was fond of his foster mother, although, since she had to raise four other children, didn't give him as much attention as he needed. still, after she grows old, Ralt takes care of her when the other children have forgotten her.

Relationship: Ralt's father was a Judiciary in Valkrii. His grandfather was Chancellor in his day. He married Anclie due to financial and social reasons, mostly at the behest of his own father. He cared little for her, though he did grow fond of his son. But he didn't have a lot of time to spend with his son, and devoted himself to his work. Later, though he was old and had trouble walking, he would come to Ralt's ceremony where he was declared Chancellor and he would tell Ralt that he was proud of him for being like his own father.

Family Relations: The other children were given back to their parents after they got older, but Ralt's mother and father didn't have time for him so he remained with Emerald, his foster mother, and got tutored in the castle.

Motivation: His sense of devotion, and of what matters, leads him to work for his country. He doesn't have much experience with family so he feels detached from his wife, but he does try to take care of her.

Personality: Jokes and sarcasm hide a deep well of loneliness. An iron seal keeps the well closed.

Beliefs: Not much for the Gods, he thinks if they exist, they might be like his own parents, that made him and then left him to his own devices.

Fears: Not accomplishing anything, not being important.

Dreams: Rediscovering a love he once knew.

Self Image: Sees himself as a tool to further the interests of Valkrii, as a loyal friend to the king. Casting about like a bird with nowhere to land, he finds his place on Mytal's shoulder.


Adolescence: Unruly and clingy, he was unpopular with girls. His friends were the ones he dealt with on a regular basis in the castle, but he didn't have any really good friends. Having studied his whole life for it, he joined the Judiciary when he was 20. He got married when he was 22 to a girl whose father proposed the marriage; Ralt thought she was pretty but they didn't have anything in common and she was unable to bear children. He was so much like his father, burying himself in work, that she became like his mother, going off as if she wasn't married. But Ralt always provided for her and tried to be there when she needed him, celebrated anniversaries, etc. They both had an understanding that neither was really passionate about the other but they could still be friends and lovers every now and then.

Passions: Ralt discovered his first love when he was 23. He was preparing to become Chancellor by going with the current Chancellor to foreign nations under an internship. They went to Trucil, and it was there that Ralt met Kyra, the woman who would become Kyra Trucil, the queen of Trucil, Kaman's wife and Kaela's mother. Kyra was there to court Kaman, but the Chancellor would talk to her when they all met at the Grand Hall for the evening meal. Ralt fell in love with her, but had to leave, and he could not say anything to her because she was by that time engaged to Kaman. He regrets it always and finds as many reasons as he can to visit Trucil again--until Kyra dies.

Society: The king Mytal and members of the royal court. Becomes friendly with rulers and people from many kingdoms, which eases his loneliness some. He does have a few mistresses, most in foreign countries, but none that he loved like Kyra.

Quirks: Has difficulty expressing his real feelings.

Loves: Valkrii, peace, common sense, humor, women

Likes: Friendship, teasing people

Dislikes: Stupidity, selfishness

Hates: Being untrue to himself, not being able to act, basically any lack of freedom.

Strengths: Loyal and hard working

Weaknesses: Hollow inside

Talents: Negotiating, understanding the needs of other countries and rulers while balancing with his own.

Education: Royal tutorship in the castle, internship with various members of office.