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Stephen Wilsohn
Stephen Marc Wilsohn
Birth Name:
Fate: Bearer of Loss Gender: Male
A man who learned to survive the death of his brother, his hero
House: Class:
Hair: Short black bangs
Eyes: Green
Height: Average
Build: Average
attuned to Fate, Order and the Aethyr
Elemental: Earth
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: A man who always looked up to his older brother, a great but unsung musician, until he died of cancer, leaving him alone with a life that seemed to heavy to bear. But stephen survived his grief and learned to help others by opening a bereavement counseling office and writing books.

Description: normally quiet and unassuming, but will always help those in need, particularly later in life.

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Motivation: Stephen has always been motivated by a desire to help people but he didn't know how to channel it and for most of his life drifted from job to job, lacking meaning and feeling useless. It was only until his brother died that he got into grief counseling and found his reason to live.

Personality: overwhelmingly nice but not very talkative, shy. empathetic.

Beliefs: he believes if everyone helped others then the world would be a better place. he is perhaps very naive and overzealous in this regard

Fears: people not understanding him. not having a use in life. not finding what he is good at. people turning down his help, hurting his sensitivity

Dreams: He would like to be a rocker like his older brother and his hero Wyvern, but lacks the discipline to practice regularly and is not any good at songwriting. so he just listens to the music and goes to shows instead.

Self Image: He sees himself as kind of an awkward and pathetic man, which is true on the one hand, but also not true when he can use his true nature to do good.

Childhood: raised by a single mother, who got divorced after husband found out she was cheating. his older brother looked after him. he always looked up to him even as they became adults.

Adolescence: picked up guitar trying to copy his brother, but got annoyed that he could never outpace him since he was older, and hated practicing, so he quit. he feels his brother is a version of him who is successful. at times resentful of that and hating himself for not being good enough for the world.

Passions: music, psychology, philosophy, also likes to watch sports and played on a baseball team in high school, in which he was average

Society: has a couple of close friends and people who know him generally like him but he is not big on going out or talking to strangers







Weaknesses: doubt and self loathing, want to help without thinking it through and jumping in, assuming things always have a solution if he can just figure it out

Talents: listening, educating, exploring peoples psyches

Education: went to college, got a degree in business since he didn't know what else to take, but he found himself going from office job to office job, never really happy at any of them