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Planet Celes
An oceanic planet with sparse land; it became the second home of humanity, and, before that, was the home of the fallen Angels: the Aierophyx and the Illyx. Fourth planet from the star, also named Celes.

Event Timeline
  • Celes Orbital Platform Nine
    A space station designed for the rich to live far away from the problems and people of the lower classes. Permanently stationed in orbit around Planet Celes.
  • Gartana
    The first human empire created on its second planet, Celes. Started in the city of Gartanium.
  • Mileta
    The island of Mileta--later to be known as Rain. Home to the Miletan--a mystical and superstitious civilization existed separately from the mainland and lasted for half a millenium.
  • Rain Stronghold
    A historically peaceful and forward-thinking country, thanks to a series of great rulers.
  • Sakura
    An island country removed from the rest by sea and storms. After a thousand years of isolation, it would develop its own unique culture of honor and beauty.
  • Trucil
    Mostly peaceful nation of traders. A long-standing ally of Rain.
  • Valkrii
    On the way to be sold as slaves, a ship of Gartanian criminals crashes into a the rocky crag of a remote, uncharted island. Soon they make a home here, and after many years, that home becomes the country of Valkrii. They did not know that their island was shared by the people of Rain to the south, across the mountain border.