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NAHO Millionmile Particle Accelerator
This particle accelerator, constructed by nanomachines, circles the outer limits of the Celes system. This immense, four billion-mile-long circumference was needed to generate the conditions required to probe the physics of the creation of the universe. The creation of this accelerator allowed scientists to prove their 21-dimensional theory of the universe, launching mankind into the age of Galactic Civilizations.

Event Timeline
  • A thin circular tube surrounding the outer limits of the Celes system, 4 billion miles distant from the center, the sun. It is aligned to stay within the gravity well of the sun, so it will always stay in the same position relative to the sun as the solar system drifts through the galaxy.
  • Though its length around its circle is billions of miles, the tube of the accelerator is thin, about twice the height of the humans who designed it.
  • Not human inhabited, so no environmental controls necessary.
  • Not human inhabited. The nanomachines maintain it while the experiments are ran remotely from Celes Orbital Platform Nine via computer.
  • Mostly metallic. Created from raw materials in the cloud orbiting the solar system.
  • Minimal as the tube of the accelerator is very thin.
  • Farther than the last planet; before the cloud of comets and rock from which it was born.