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Titherion Dominai
Titherion Ralix Dominai
Birth Name: Dominai
Fate: High Priestess of the Cult of Kythos Gender: Female
House: Class: Dark sorceress
High Priestess of the Fifth House of Kythos
Hair: Long, dark purple
Eyes: Bright green
Height: 5'3
Build: 140 pounds
attuned to Soul, Chaos and the Void
Elemental: Earth
bound to Intelligence and Earth
Profile: Titherion is a genius, highly adept at Magic even though she has only studied it for a few years. she was taken in by the Cult of Kythos when she came to Faraacee, and she was raised by the High Priest, Rollos Bur, who made her High Priestess when he died.

Description: Dour, obsessed with wearing beautiful clothing. Never shows any real emotion. Would be pretty if she ever smiled. short, thick and voluptuous.

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Relationship: Titherion's mother was a house-witch that cast a love spell on her father to escape her poverty. He became more obsessed with her as their marriage went on and when she began to deny his advances he began to abuse Titherion. she killed her husband when she tried to take Titherion away, but Tyral's drug friends took her life in revenge. The heartbreak of it and the fear forced Titherion to run to Faracee even though she was only 13.

Relationship: Titherion's father was one of the ruling thugs of Noruk who thought he was smarter than he really was, rich on selling drugs. He thought nothing of Titherion when she was born, but his wife's love spell began to drive him mad when she denied him and he started abusing Titherion when she was about 6 years old. It got worse and worse. His wife killed him with a cursed, poison drink when she found out.

Family Relations:

Motivation: Her motivation is to gain as much knowledge as she can. That is what drives her search for the secrets of the First Children. It requires her to go with sera to L'arcinsiel.

Personality: She only shows excitement for clothes. she performs Magic excellently but looks at it as her destiny more than something to enjoy. The one thing that can make her forget her past is learning. she rarely talks unless she absolutely must.

Beliefs: She believes in the Gods as the means to an end, and doesn't doubt them, or think about them all that much, because her Magic works and that is all she cares about in that respect.

Fears: She is afraid of weakness, of showing it, feeling it, and becoming it. she cannot open herself up to her pain or she will lose herself in it.

Dreams: Finding some ultimate lore that will really shock her mind, some sort of transcendence.

Self Image: She is very egotistical and demands that everyone think of her and treat her with the utmost respect. she sees herself sort of like the silent queen of the cult.

Childhood: Her mother was depressed but cared for her the best she could. Her father was never around until he started using her.

Adolescence: After running away from Noruk and her father's friends, her powerful spiritual signature was found by Rollos Bur and he initiated into the Cult of Kythos, where she was raised to her current age.

Passions: Learning, knowledge

Society: She likes listening to other people and being around them to get her mind off herself, but does not take part in it. she likes being noticed for her appearance.

Quirks: Obsession with clothes

Loves: Clothes, her hair

Likes: Magic

Dislikes: Talking, giving energy to others

Hates: Her past

Strengths: Knowledge and innate power, resolve

Weaknesses: Emotionally fragile and a bit nuerotic


Education: Her mother taught her from books