Pleasure vs Health
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We can say “Things that please me are good.”  And we can also say “Things that are healthy are good.”  But what is pleasing is not always healthy.

Pleasing things curb our appetites for the moment.  You crave chocolate, and you get chocolate.  You are not trying to improve yourself—you are trying to derive joy from it.

Healthy things either maintain or improve our status.  You eat a celery stick.  You get vitamins and if you eat them regularly you may lose weight.  If you lose weight, you may do better on the dating scene and you will be less at risk for a heart attack.

Healthy things don’t always please us immediately.  But the results of choosing healthy things may give us more pleasure in the long run, because our overall status in life will be improved.  Who is happier—a man who eats chocolate every day, or a man who loses weight and gets the girl of his dreams?

What do you want right now?  Is it pleasing?  Or is it healthy?

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