Art and Violence
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Can the violence depicted in art lead people to commit real violence?

Art can influence your mood, which can change how you act.  However, that power is very limited.  The emotional effects of a work of art normally wear off in a few minutes, and they are not as strong as, say, the influence of peer pressure.  

You can argue that art does convey ideas, which are much longer-lasting.  But violence did not start with video games, movies and metal music.

No.  People are violent by nature. We are animals first, people second. If you doubt this, pick up a history book or turn on the news. It’s murder and war every day. 

Violence and combat give us a thrill because we are wired to dominate our surroundings.  Action movies, shooting games, and metal music gratify that desire—but they do not create it.

Rather than asking ourselves why popular art is so violent, we should ask ourselves why violent art is so popular.  

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