Motivation for Artists
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What motivates us to create art?

Or: why do I lack motivation to create when I love art so much?

When we lack motivation to create, it's because we've lost the fun of creating.  We are focusing too much on the work.

In art, the work is the process of creating the form.  For writers, it's the act of typing.  For artists, it's the act of drawing.

Now, consider this.  You draw a portrait and write a grocery list with the same motions.  You type a story and a work email with the same motions.  

That means that the physical act of creating the form--the work--is not what is fun.      

The fun part of art is the idea.  The form, after all, is just a vehicle for the idea; the idea is the important part, the part that makes it art in the first place.  

It is easy to get excited about an idea.  The rush you get when you come up with something new is one of the best parts of being an artist.  And most of us have a big stack of ideas waiting to be realized.

To find our motivation, we just need to get that excitement back.  If you have unfinished ideas, find the best one and finish it.  If you are currently working on something, consider its premise and rediscover the inspiration you felt when you started it.  If you're really stuck, just come up with a few new ideas and try them out.  Try thinking of the coolest, weirdest, most epic, or funniest thing you could do.  Write a list of 10 or 20 ideas out and pick the best one out of all of them.

Don't tell yourself to "Write two pages!"  That focuses on form and boring work.  Instead, tell yourself, "I should finally write that story about birds who give up their wings to live in houses like people."  That focuses on the idea--the fun and purpose of art, invoking the spirit that made us want to be artists in the first place.





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